SIGN UP FOR A BUILDING SLOT. A $2000 refundable deposit is required to hold the first available building date.  This deposit is applied to the cost of the cabin.

    1. The sales staff is working with approximately 20 customers at all times. We will schedule an appointment with you to go ‘line by line’ of the Design Spreadsheet for your home.
    2. When you are undecided about an option, we ‘Turn It Red’ in the spreadsheet. This helps us focus on what we have to do together to ‘Get The Red Out’.
    3. We will help you design the floor plan up to 3 times. After that, changes will incur design charges.
    4. Once your design ideas are settled and we ‘Get the Red Out’, we will ask you to sign off on the design.
    5. We will review the document, ‘Who Does What’, and you can sign off on it.
    6. Lastly, we’ll ask you to review the legal use of the park model and sign off on the form.
  • CHANGES WILL INCUR A FEE. After signing off, changes will incur a change-order fee of $75 plus the cost of the change (if applicable).   You have ten (10) days from sign-off to finalize decks, porches and skirting before incurring a charge for site work CAD plans. 
  • SITE WORK. Do you or your dealer think the delivery is challenging enough to require a site visit?  Talk to the sales person about site location.
  • PAYMENT OF 50% DUE. About 10 days prior to the start of your cabin, a payment equal to 50% of the remaining balance will be due before constructions begins.
  • WE WILL BEGIN YOUR CABIN! You can watch the cabin construction by logging in to the cabin cams viewing area on the website– Ask your sales person to show you how!
  • INSPECTION AND APPROVAL. After the cabin is completed, we will ask you to inspect it.  Once approved, the remaining balance will be due.
  • CLOSING PACKAGE. After the cabin is paid, as part of the ‘closing’, you will receive the owner’s package, which includes information on warranties for any applicable components, appliances, and other items pertinent to ownership.
  • SHIPPING: (NOTE: deck, porch and skirting site work will be scheduled after cabin delivery)
    1. Shipping is calculated at the time of the order and will be itemized on the customer’s paperwork. Variable costs include mileage, difficult delivery, pier height, use of extra equipment, etc.
    2. Upon final payment, the cabin is eligible for delivery and delivery date is scheduled.
    3. Delivery is a moving target between GRLC, the delivery company, and you the customer. We will work together to make the delivery process as smooth as possible.
    4. Most folks are on site when the cabin arrives. If you cannot be there or if you are not represented by your dealer, then we ask that you mark the front of the cabin placement site so we know where to site it.  We provide a GRC sign to place on your site for the delivery driver.
  • WARRANTY. If you find that something is not working correctly, please call us and give us a description of the issue.  We’ll schedule the warranty work as soon as possible.  *NOTE: No warranty work can be scheduled if there is an outstanding balance pertaining to site work, decks, skirting or change orders.
  • REFERRALS! We like to pay referrals!  Typically, referral fees are 1% of the cost of new customer cabins.